Thursday, August 25th


CSFA Endowed Chair
Director, the Center for the Study of the First Americans
Executive Director, North Star Archaeological Research Program

Ph.D. 1983 Geosciences, University of Arizona, Tucson

Specialty: First Americans Studies, Geoarchaeology, Late Quaternary Geology

Current Research Projects: I am an archaeologist and geoarchaeologist and my work focuses on the first inhabitants of the Americas. Specifically, I focus on understanding when the first people arrived to the New World during the last Ice Age, where they came from, how they adapted to the environments they encountered, and how they got here. I focus my research on the investigation of Clovis and the evidence for occupation of the Americas before Clovis. I am also interested in the application of geological concepts and methods in the investigation of archaeological sites. I am a field-oriented scientist and conduct field work every summer.

Courses Taught: I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses. At the graduate level, I teach geoarchaeology and courses dealing with the first Americans. At the undergraduate level, I teach introduction to archaeology and a course on the peopling of the Americas. I also use my research projects as learning experiences and as opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Current Graduate Students:  Lauren Cook, Morgan Smith, Adam Burke

Representative Publications:

Waters, M. R., Pevny, C. D., and Carlson, D. L., 2011, Clovis Lithic Technology: Investigation of a Stratified Workshop at the Gault Site, Texas: College Station, Texas A&M University Press, 226 p.

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Waters, M. R., Forman, S. L., Jennings, T. A., Nordt, L. C., Driese, S. G., Feinberg, J. M., Keene, J. L., Halligan, J., Lindquist, A., Pierson, J., Hallmark, C. T., Collins, M. B., and Wiederhold, J. B., 2011, The Buttermilk Creek Complex and the Origins of Clovis at the Debra L. Friedkin Site, Texas. Science, v. 331, p. 1599-1603.

Waters, M. R., and Stafford, T. W., 2007, Redefining the age of Clovis: Implications for the peopling of the Americas: Science, v. 315, p. 1122-1126.

Waters, M. R., 1992, Principles of Geoarchaeology: A North American Perspective: Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 398 p.