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Graduate Resources

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Conference Travel- Download and fill out this form if you are applying for travel to an academic conference. Once the form and supporting materials are compiled, submit the form to Nicole Ellis (here ) by February 15th.

Pilot Research Funding- Download and fill out this form if you are applying for assistance collecting preliminary data aimed at assessing the viability of a potential thesis or dissertation topic. Once the form and supporting materials are compiled, submit the form to Nicole Ellis (here ) by February 15th.

Dissertation Research- Download and fill out this form is you are actively involved in research for a defined dissertation topic for which you would like departmental assistance. Once the form and supporting materials are compiled, submit the form to Nicole Ellis (here ) by February 15th.

Professional Development- Download and fill out this form if you are applying to take part in an event, activity, course etc., that furthers you as an academic and is in line with your research interests. Once the form and supporting materials are compiled, submit the form the Nicole Ellis (here ) by February 15th.


Graduate students must complete a request through Concur for ALL domestic and international travel. This is required for all research, field schools or conference travel. Please contact Rebekah Luza in our business office for assistance at here.

Graduate students (enrolled as students at TAMU) must register international travel with the Study Abroad Office. This includes international travel to conferences and international travel for research.

Prior to August 1, 2011, if you registered with Study Abroad, you were automatically covered by SOS International for evacuation, but you had to purchase the health insurance separately. The university no longer uses the SOS service, but now uses Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). When you sign up for the health insurance (which is highly recommended, even if you are already covered under a health insurance plan), you also are signed up for the travel insurance and evacuation insurance. For all the services this insurance provides, it is relatively inexpensive. CISI Education Abroad Coverage

Texas A&M has contracted with CISI, a 24-hour travel and security assistance service for faculty, staff and students who travel to international destinations on official university business or an A&M sponsored trip. CISI manages a wide range of requests ranging from lost passports, physician referrals, and complex medical and security evacuations. For more information on additional coverage available to faculty and student travelers, please contact the Study Abroad Office at (979) 845-0544.

To register for CISI coverage, click here

According to University Rule 21.01.03.M1, a faculty or staff member traveling on university business to a country under a travel warning must have approval from the university President. You must complete a Foreign Travel Request Form, as well as an Acknowledgement of Risk Form if you will travel to a country currently under a Department of State Travel Warning.


Student Research Award  Undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Anthropology are invited to apply for the Student Research Award competition.

Download the Application Form

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled students in the Department of Anthropology. Undergraduates must be anthropology majors.
  • Students in both categories must be registered to present their research as a poster during Student Research Week (2013).
    • For more information, visit the Student Research Week website
  • Students must be willing to have their work displayed in the Department of Anthropology for up to one year after receiving the award, beginning in the Fall 2013 semester. Students are encouraged to include additional materials in the display cabinet (photos, brochures, artifacts).


  • Awards will be presented in two categories: Undergraduate and Graduate.
  • One undergraduate student winner and one graduate student winner will receive:
    • Cash Prize - $250
    • Certificate of Achievement
    • The honor of having their poster displayed in one of the display cabinets on the 2nd floor of the Department of Anthropology throughout the 2013-2014 academic year. (Students may temporarily remove the poster if they are scheduled to present at another conference.)


  • Application form must be submitted by Friday, March 8th (to Marco Valadez)
  • Posters must be submitted by Friday, March 29th (to Department of Anthropology Main Office)

Selection Process

  • A small committee of faculty members in the Department of Anthropology will select the winners of the competition. Faculty judges will evaluate the quality of the research and the quality of the presentation.

More Information

  • Dr. Ted Goebel (here
  • Morgan Smith (here)


Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students in Anthropology

Application for GA Positions & Scholarships in Anthropology (2012) – Coming Soon

  • Due in March

Application for Departmental Travel Funds – Coming Soon

  • Due in November

Sample Grant Applications – Coming Soon

Research Compliance

IRB approval is required for all research projects involving human subjects. For more information, please consult the Texas A&M Office for Research Compliance and Biosafety website.

Sample IRB Application Forms – Coming Soon


OGS Forms

The Office of Graduate Studies website contains a comprehensive list of forms relevant to graduate studies, including:

These are the most commonly used forms for MA and PhD students:

  • Degree Plan
    • Used for both MA and PhD students
    • Must be filed at least 90 days before the Preliminary Exam is taken
  • Preliminary Exam Checklist and Report of the Preliminary Exam
    • Both forms must be turned in within 10 days of the scheduled exam
    • Exam must be completed at least 14 weeks prior to the Final Exam (i.e. defense date)
  • Proposal Approval Page
    • Used for both theses and dissertations
    • Must be submitted no later than 15 working days prior to submission of the Request and Announcement of Final Examination
  • Request and Announcement of Final Exam
    • Used for both MA theses & PhD dissertations
    • Must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the exam
  • Request for Exemption from the Final Exam
    • Must be submitted at least 10 days prior to deadline to complete the exam
    • Often used by MA students if committee decides a committee defense is not necessary

Departmental Forms

In addition to the OGS form, the Department of Anthropology uses the forms below as part of the assessment process. Please ensure that both forms are completed when you complete their MA or PhD degrees. (Bring a copy of these forms to your final committee meeting.)

  • Analytical and Critical Thinking Assessment
    • Needs to be filled out & signed by all committee members
    • For both MA and PhD students
  • Anthropology Exit Questionnaire- to be filled out by graduate students after they take their final exam or upon graduation for undergraduates.
    • Click here for the M.A Exit Questionnaire
    • Click here for the M.S Exit Questionnaire
    • Click here for the Ph.D Exit Questionnaire

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All graduate students must complete an Annual Evaluation Form every year. Evaluation forms are used to evaluate student progress, to compile reports on the graduate program, and to assist the committee that makes decisions regarding departmental assistantships.

Completed forms, with your advisor’s signature, should be turned into Marco Valadez by March 22, 2013. Please note that you will be jeopardizing your chances of receiving departmental funding if you turn your form in late.

Annual Evaluation Form for Graduate Students - 2013


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